Global Affiliates

Henry I. Smith
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Codirector, NanoStructures Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Multidisciplinary University Research Initiatives (MURI)

MURI 2008: Nanomembranes

University of Texas at Austin
MURI-Center for Silicon Nano-Membranes

University of Wisconsin-Madison
aipes Research Group

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Purdue University

MURI 2006: Silicon Laser and Nanophotonics

Arizona State University

MIT Microphotonics Center Silicon Laser MURI

Electrically-Pumped Silicon-Based Lasers for Chip-Scale Nanophotonic Systems

MURI 2004 – Plasmonics:

Stanford University Brongersma Lab
Chip Scale Surface Plasmon Enabled NanoStructures

California Institute of Technology
Novel Plasmonic Devices for Nanophotonic Networks:
Exploiting X-Ray Wavelengths at Optical Frequencies

MURI 2003 – Nanoprobes

University of Wisconsin- Madison
Nanoprobe Tools for Molecular Spectroscopy and Control

University of Rochester
New Instrumentation for Nanoscale Subsurface Spectroscopy and Tomography

Defense University Research Initiatives on Nanotechnology (DURINT)

DURINT 2001 (Concluded),

University of Southern California
Surface Modification for Advanced Hybrid Nanosystems